Life Quotes : Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one’s definition of your life; define yourself. – Harvey Fierstein - Never Be Bullied -
Life Quotes : My religion is simple. My religion is kindness. – Dalai Lama - Religion Is Simple -
Life Quotes : How many ideas have there been in the history of the human race that were unthinkable ten years before they appeared? – Fyodor Dostoyevsky - History Of The Human Race -

Life Quotes : Gain The World

Life Quotes : Don’t gain the world and lose your soul; wisdom is better than silver or gold. – Bob Marley - Gain The World -
Life Quotes : One day, you’re going to look back at this difficult time and be glad you didn’t give up. - A Difficult Time -
Life Quotes : Your critics want you to be as unhappy, unfulfilled and unimportant as they are. Let your happiness eat them up from inside. – Ricky Gervais - Happiness Eat Them Up -
Life Quotes : With just a drop of imagination the world can transform into a magical place, where adventures begin and anything is possible. - Anything Is Possible -

Life Quotes : True Colors

Life Quotes : The best thing about the worst time of your life is that you get to see the true colors of everyone. - True Colors -

Life Quotes : Positive Pants

Life Quotes : Put on your positive pants. - Positive Pants -
Life Quotes : Make yourself a priority once in a while. It’s not selfish. It’s necessary. - Make Yourself A Priority -

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