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We have a list of best Ukranian quotes that you can send to your friends and loved ones from Ukraine. We have handpicked all the Ukrainian quotes below.

Love knows no language and no boundaries. While this may hold true in an aspect another aspect shows that love in each language is uniquely beautiful. Love truly surpasses the limits of nationalities and faiths.


Ukrainian is such a language and culture. It has a rich folklore and historical attributes. This old culture has a strong base in its haunting songs, literature and local lore. Millions of words have been written by its popular poets and artists in praise of Ukrainian women and love. This reflects one of the main aspects of Ukrainian culture which gives prominence to mothers, wives, family, love, and beauty. It has become a common thread in innumerable Ukrainian songs, stories, and poems.

Original quotes from Ukrainian authors

Quotes by Volodymyr Vinnichenko, Ukrainian political and public figure, prose righter and artist of the 20th century

Love is a cry of blood, it makes people thoughtless, as it is an invincible famine of the body, it is an order of eternity that does not give a chance to resist. Love devours itself as a fire, and when satisfied, leaves boring gray ash.

Love is a germ, it is a penetration into the darkest corners of another person’s being. Love comes late, after sympathy, after orgies and greedy cries, after fierce, wild whispers of thirst. Love goes quietly, silently, with an attentive look, and a mysterious smile. Love is blind, wild, its nostrils widely open, it has twisted fingers, poured on everything that can be satisfied. You can love two, three, five, as much as enough body and fire at the same time.

You can only love one and only person at a time. You can live only for one soul, and only love can make can fill every cell to the last one.

Love comes at our life unexpectedly, without warning, and can disappear with the same surprise and unexpectedness.

Love is earned gradually, with suffering, through everyday troubles, in the dust of everyday adventures, then it comes unnoticed, becomes a mistress and leaves with torment and death.

Love only loves itself and for itself. When the suffering of a loved one brings enjoyment, love will seek only the suffering of a beloved.

Love gives itself to anyone. The suffering of a loved excludes the joy of the loving.

Sympathy is the bloom that a rare vegetable grows from; this vegetable is called love. Without color, there is no fetus, but the color is not a fruit and not every flower transforms into fruit. Thousands of love fall into barren, crumbling, failing to blossom into the grain of love.

Oles Gonchar, poet, writer, literary critic of the end of the 20th century

Freedom and love are two bearing wings of poetry! Everything else is only a decoration.

Whilst the world is in love, do not panic, everything will be fine.

Lina Kostenko, a phenomenal poetess born in 1930

No matter how many years I love, I fall in love with you every day.

A woman is like music: you can love her without even understanding it.

Love in itself cannot be capable of true love.

Vasyl Sukhomlynsky, Ukrainian teacher, writer and poet living and working in USSR.

Love is, first of all, responsibility, and then pleasure, or joy.

Before you fall in love with a girl in a woman, love a human in her.

In family life the main thing is patience. Love can not last long.

Family life may be and never happens to be a solid holiday. Be able to share not the only joy of your beloved, but also her sorrow, misery, and misfortune.

The family is the primary environment where a person must learn to do good.

Proverbs and folk sayings about family and love

A strong family is a strong state.

Like my family, like me.

Relatives, even though they argue, do not abandon each other.

Without a family, there is no nation.

A man without brothers and sisters is a solitary tree.

A man without a family is like a tree without fruit.

Thousands of popular and new writers and singers today highlight the value of marriage and love in one’s life. Every culture is different from the other. Ukrainian culture is vastly different from the Western one. It does share a few similarities with the Asian culture, however. Thus, to read the quotes and poems from Ukraine, you would connect immediately if you are a romantic at heart.

We believe it is important to understand what the Ukrainian culture attributes to its women, in order to understand and identify the beauty of Ukrainian literature and culture.
Here are the top things you need to know about Ukrainian women. This is to understand the beautiful Ukrainian quotes on marriage and love which are abundant online today.

Amazing Aspects of Ukrainian Women on Love and Marriage

Check out what Ukrainian women feel about love and marriage and life in general to understand the immense depth of popular Ukrainian quotes from famous personalities.


Ukrainian women are focused on the family. It is one of the top priorities in their lives. Ukrainian women believe that marrying and becoming a mother helps raise kids who are familiar with the strong culture. The promise of a loving marriage and the prospect to raise lovely kids is one of the main attractions for Ukrainian women.


Ukrainian culture is steeped in the notion of fate. Destiny is considered an undeniable part of lives. Pre-determined fate helps Ukrainian women to choose the right partner because she believes it is fate. Inherently, this strong belief in destiny makes Ukrainian women adapt to every situation in their married or love life efficiently. Ukrainian women tend to expect men to take the initiative.


Love to Ukrainian women means unbridled and honest emotions. Love is a strong feeling which over-rides many materialistic desires to them. It is commonly known that finding true love and being completely reasonable do not go hand in hand. Ukrainian women are ready to be swept off their feet with small romantic gestures rather than grand and elaborate displays of affection.
These three aspects of Ukrainian women make them incredibly loving and strong partners and spouses. The vast numbers of unique and impressive Ukrainian quotes are apt examples of these.

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