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Moving On From Him Quotes Tumblr (4)

Him. You thought about him, didn’t you? That one word just brought a thousand of memories and emotions above, isn’t that hard? You were thinking about that one guy you’re still in love with, weren’t you? Why do you do this to yourself? Can you tell me that? Why are you hurting yourself so deeply by checking out his profile every minute of the day, by feeding back to the times you were so happy, by making up a thousand situations in your head you know deep inside never will happen. Tell me: why? Why can’t you just admit it that he’s gone, that he left you without a regret? Can you tell me why you can’t admit the fact that he became the person he promised he wouldn’t become? Probably not. And that’s what’s hard about loving someone who doesn’t love you back: no matter how much he broke you, how much he hurtled you: you’ll always remember the good things. Don’t do that. You should he hating him, instead of that girl he’s messing with. You should stop hating yourself for still loving him, but start hating him for not loving you, for letting you go, for choosing her above you. I know this isn’t easy, I really do: but is it easy to live the way you’re living now? To cry yourself to sleep every night, to fall apart every time you hear his name, to be disappointed for not getting a message? No. You have to let go, not because he left: but because you’re fighting for something that would never fight for you, because you’re holding onto something that would never hold onto you and especially, because you’re loving someone that would never, ever love you.


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