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You know what’s crazy? Someone coming into your life, making you feel whole. Like you feel happy and even content for a split second. They promise you the world. Those good morning and good night texts. The way they smile at you. The compliments they give you. You adore all the attention they give you. But that’s not the crazy part. Its that when everything finally seems to be coming together and becoming perfect, they just leave. Gone. No reason. No closure. Leaving you hanging there like you meant nothing. You try to recover, but you can’t. You are already attached. And that negative perception starts to influence you and the way you think of yourself. They had you wrapped around their finger. You cry for days upon days, months upon months, but you seem to not get over it. They get to move on with little or no pain while you have to make yourself suffer. You’re heartbroken, don’t know where to turn.

Sound familiar?

Well, I’m here to say that it GETS BETTER. You are young and full of life. Don’t waste time on someone who doesn’t understand the value of you. Only a person who knows what a diamond is will see its worth. If a person doesn’t know the worth, they’ll just treat it like any other rock not knowing the value it holds. So be happy. Spend time with friends and people who care. Make mistakes. Get good grades. They aren’t worth a single tear that falls down your face. You are a beautiful person with a beautiful soul. You are a powerful human being, with vibrations that affect those around you. And somewhere down the road you’ll find the one who thinks you’re perfect in the most imperfect way. Have FAITH. Don’t ever ever lost sight of your goals. Remember that YOU got this. You are the one in control. You have the power to do well, and succeed in anything that you want in life. And then they’ll realize the mistake they made, well too little too late. So please don’t ever give up. Because there is someone out there that cares, that wants to see you succeed. Don’t ever give up.

I believe in you.


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