Love Quotes :

Love Quotes For Him In Spanish (04)

[1]I need to tell you a secret look at 5. [2]the answer is look at 11. [3]Don’t get mad look at 15. [4]Calm down don’t get mad look at 13. [5]First look at 2. [6] Don’t be angry and look at 12. [7] I just wanted to say I love you. [8]What I wanted to tell you is.. THE ANSWER IS ON 14. [9]Be patient look at 4. [10] This is the last time im going to do this, look at 7. [11]I hope you’re not mad when I say this, look at 6. [12]Sorry look at 8. [13]Don’t get mad at me, look at 10. [14]I don’t know how to say this but look at 3. [15]You must be really mad, look at number 9.

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