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Sad Love Stories That Make You Cry (08)

Once upon a time there was a young girl who liked nothing more than to draw sweet little illustrations. The girl worked for years and years drawing her pictures and sharing them with people far and wide. She would go from kingdom to kingdom showing her whimsical designs and teaching many creative people how to make beautiful note cards and lovely pieces of art, using the images she had drawn. Then one day the King and Queen of Shadyville summoned the girl to their castle. They wanted her to teach only in their kingdom and in return, she would be given riches and treated like royalty. Although she was unsure, the girl agreed. But she soon found out that the King and Queen were evil and had no intentions of sharing the wealth and they treated her horribly. They were so mean, in fact, that she soon fled the kingdom forever, leaving all of her precious art supplies and her stacks of artwork behind. The evil King and Queen (who weren’t really even a king and queen after all) claimed all of the girl’s artwork as their own and began selling it to all the people in the land. For years the girl felt so badly that she was not able to draw her sweet illustrations or even doodle a simple design. But after a time she could no longer contain the ideas in her head and slowly she began to draw and color again. She realized that although her pictures might have been taken from her, her talent and her desire to create was something that could not ever be taken away. The girl (who had grown into a woman), created lots of new pictures and they were better than ever! And she lived artfully ever after…

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